Passionate about all things hair and community, Wynter took over ownership of ROAR in August 2023! 

Wynter is a pet momma of one queen kitty, Izzy, and two boy dogs, Connie and Stockton.
She loves creating meaningful connections with other humans, reading, hiking, golfing with her hubby, and enjoying a good glass of wine.

Meet the Owner


or, as we lovingly
call her, our "Captain"

What Makes Wynter the Bee's Knees

Where are you from?

Cedar Bluffs, NE

How long have you been at ROAR?

August 2018

How long have you been in the industry?

Since 2014!

What did you want to be when you grew up?

A gerbil breeder...

What are your specialties? 

I love a project! Transformational colors are my jam, but I also love a good 'ol traditional highlight! Anything I can create a stellar rich tone for.

What's your favorite thing about working at ROAR?

The guests, our community, sharing the feeling of empowerment!

What's your favorite hair style you've ever had? 

My long jet black hair with micro bangs

What's your favorite hair product at ROAR?

Color Space Bond treatment, Mr. Smith Primer, Foundation, and Serum

What do you enjoy most about Omaha? 

The food! Also the neighborhoods/districts with their individual vibes.

Any children or pets?

Husband: John / Fur babies: Izzy, Connie, Stockton

What's your dream vacation spot?

Would LOVE to go someplace mountainous and tropical where I can be alone, read my books, and hike. 

What's your go-to beverage order? 

Black coffee or diet coke! Also love a good Oregon Pinot or beer 

A Fun Fact About Me Is...

I unknowingly almost got married off in Africa 🥴

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