Relax into the exceptional care of our Beauty Operators as we transform your hair and nourish your soul, so you can conquer the world.

The ROAR Experience

— April S.

“From the moment you walk in, you feel special. Lauren will always greet you by name and offer you a beverage (I love the Aveda tea!). Small personal touches like hand or head massages, the awesome snack basket, and super comfortable hair wash stations make your experience even more luxurious. They will even touch up your lipstick! You truly feel and look beautiful when you leave!”


Your Luxury Session experience begins with a warm welcome from our Guest Experience Team and one of our delicious specialty beverages.
Reset and relax with a complimentary stress-relieving treatment, enjoy feeling like royalty as our team caters to all your needs, and walk away with a gorgeous new look and a special session gift.

your every need

Speciality Beverages

Artemis Tea

We know the hair coloring process can take time and we want to make the most of it and enjoy your time of pampering! During any Color Session that is 3+hrs we offer your choice of the following beverages depending on the day and time.

The Grove FResh Juices

Red or White Wine

Weekdays 3-8pm

—Kirstin L.

“I’ve tried out each and every stylist, and they’re all fantastic. What made me feel even more special is they all remembered me… every single one of them. I was greeted with smiling faces, and visited by the owner just to make sure there wasn’t anything else she could do to make it better.” 


Each experience with us is curated specifically for you. Your Beauty Operator will take the time to understand your vision, design a personalized session plan, and then use the highest-quality products to achieve your dream hair.

Achieving your dream hair

—Reese L.

“I’ve been coming to ROAR for a bit over a year now and every experience has been amazing! Going to the salon has become my relaxation ritual, and all of the girls there are wonderful. I never leave here feeling less than a million bucks!”


Your Beauty Operator will show you how to maintain your style at home with personalized product recommendations. Our Guest Experience Team will create a reservation for your next visit and have your products ready, all before you leave your Beauty Operator’s chair.

Maintaining your
beauty investment

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to you.


about the things that are

Be loud

— Alexis H.

Excellent customer service! My hair turns out perfect every time! Amazing prices for the best services!

1924 South 67th St.
Omaha, Nebraska 68106

Where to find us

In culture, the Roaring Twenties saw women becoming liberated — voting, shortening their skirts, bobbing their hair, and enjoying nightlife in jazz clubs and speakeasies.

In beauty, the Roaring Twenties launched modern cosmetology. When women began getting their hair bobbed, only barbers could perform an accurate blunt cut. Hairdressers had to either step up their skills, or pack up their scissors. They responded not only by rising to the occasion, but introducing the vibrant, creative and passionate salon industry we know today.

ROAR refers to the Roaring Twenties, one of the most dynamic and influential eras in history: a time of freedom, progress, and daring to be bold.

The STory behind Roar

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We live by the notion that our guests are always valued, appreciated & given personalized attention from start to finish!

We believe some elements of the past should be restored and revered. Attention to detail is one. Uncompromising customer experience is another.