So, you wanna add length, volume or a bit of both?

Hair extensions are the best way to make all your hair dreams come true!

Here at ROAR, we are a HALOCOUTURE & Hand-tied hair extension salon that offers luxury hair transformations with the power of the finest 100% Human Remy hair extensions. 

Whether you have a special occasion coming up, or the occasion called life, our extensions are made and installed with your comfort and personal style in mind. 

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Hair Extension Salon Omaha

We offer Hand-Tied Extensions and HaloCouture Halo extensions. Both require an in-salon consultation to determine the best fit for the guest.

*$65 consultation cost is deducted from final cost if halo is purchased on the same day.

How it Works

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Hair Extension Options


Halo Extensions

Halo extension cost ranges by length and color from approximately $345-$705. 

When you purchase the extensions, you will also reserve a Luxury Pickup with a $175 fee. We will fit the extensions to your hair, custom shape the extensions with a trim if needed, then shampoo and style. 

Hand tied & Halo Hair Extension Salon

Hand Tied

Hand Tied Extensions

Hand-tied extension cost ranges by length and color from approximately $350-$800.

When you purchase the extensions, you will reserve an extension install appointment at a $150/hour rate.

Hand-tied hair extension maintenance move ups are booked in 1 hour increments are $150 per hour.

ROAR also offers a 30 minute Mini move up in-between a full maintenance move up reservations.

After your extension consultation with your Operator, the next step is to purchase your extensions. If you purchase extensions during the same day of your appointment, your $65 consultation fee will apply toward your extension cost.

Hair Extension Results

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We live by the notion that our guests are always valued, appreciated & given personalized attention from start to finish!

We believe some elements of the past should be restored and revered. Attention to detail is one. Uncompromising customer experience is another.