Davines was founded in Parma Italy in 1983 as a research laboratory by the Bollati family, producing high-end hair care products for other companies. By 1992, they began creating their own brand of Davines hair care products for salons. By 2004, the first branch of Davines opened in New York.

Today, Davines is a worldwide company, operating in over 90 countries. 

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— Davide Bollati
Davines president & owner

Beauty + Sustainability, the inspirational concepts for each of our projects — from formulation to design, to ethics and customers.

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Davines embraces the ideal of sustainable beauty. Working with the Rondale Institute they have created a research center dedicated to sustainability research. There is no animal testing ever.

The entire team at Roar Beauty Parlor is well trained on the best Davines products for your hair type and concerns. Don’t miss your chance to experience true luxury and sustainable beauty. 

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Liquid Spell

For your perfect, touchabley soft, textured hair vibes

Texturizing Serum

Dry Texturizer

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