We do a thorough consultation and give you a custom estimate to achieve your desired look. Pricing is based on the length and density of hair, techniques and products used, and time required.

Men / Women

Protégé$35 - $45
Beauty Operator$42 - $65

Kids Cut (8 and under)

Protégé  $25



Protégé Talent

Carefully selected for their technical skills and professionalism, Protégés are currently enrolled in our advanced training and skill certification process. They typically range from graduates to stylists with one to three years of experience. Advanced education is a constant theme as these hairdressers continue to become their best. While our Protégé Operators are gaining the experience they need, you will receive upscale salon services at a smaller cost than our more experienced operators. We invite you to refer people you know to our talented Protégé Operators as they continue to develop their skills and reach their full potential.
All protégé services are guided and checked over by one of our lead educators.


Beauty Operator

These well-educated and experienced professionals have met ROAR’s requirements for specific, advanced cutting and color classes and have demonstrated their expertise and proficiency. Their commitment to ongoing education keeps them at the forefront of new techniques and trends. Many of these professionals are active leaders and educators in our salon.