How To Get The Best Haircut Of Your Life

01 May How To Get The Best Haircut Of Your Life

Between our Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards, there’s so much inspiration out there for a new look. And while we wish it were as easy as a snap of a finger, there are a lot of factors that go into a new haircut—from your inspiration to your lifestyle, to the texture and color of your hair. Luckily, we’ve made things simple for you—read on for our key tips to achieving the best haircut of your life at Roar Beauty Parlor.


First things first, consult your muses. Whether it’s a celebrity’s effortless lob (longingly looking at you, Kristen Bell) or a blogger’s new spring blowout, file away those screenshots and keep them handy come appointment time—we’d love to see your most coveted styles.


While visualizing your inspiration is a big help, sometimes, we need to talk it out. We love questions—no matter if we’re answering or asking! Let us know what you want to see (and more importantly, don’t want to see). The more we learn about what you want, the better we can manifest it.


Ever heard the saying, “Shorter hair is easier?” Sometimes, it really isn’t! So if you’re a busy mom or athlete who loves a good ponytail, we suggest a chic, long-layer look—equally as face-framing and convenient to pull back for those weary days.

Getting your best haircut yet is simple—all it takes is a little scroll through social media plus communication. We’re ready to make it happen for you—so give us a call at 402.551.7627 to make your appointment.

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