By Jessie Ness, Owner, ROAR Beauty Parlor





Beauty Operators. They’re different than the average hairstylist.
And that’s who we hire at ROAR.


Beauty Operators are passionate about their profession. Crazy passionate. They’re constantly striving to learn more, do more, and be more within their career. They always want to improve their skills and take their techniques to the next level, and they embrace the education opportunities that ROAR provides. They see themselves as stylists, of course, but also as artists, students, teachers, and day-makers.


Beauty Operators believe a fantastic haircut or color is only half of the total guest experience, because the other half is customer service. They know listening to the guest is as vital a skill as being able to deliver the perfect style that’s exactly right for each client. They know the most important person in the world is the person sitting in their chair.


Beauty Operators thrive best when working within a team. They are happy to contribute their talents and they value the different strengths that their fellow team members bring to the equation.


Oh, and they’re always the most stylish people in the room. Always.

ROAR Beauty Operators receive:


Education Opportunities. ROAR provides in-house training and funding for advanced workshops so you can continue to hone your skills, further your career, and be the best you can be.


Paid Vacation. A rested Beauty Operator is a happy Beauty Operator, and a happy Beauty Operator makes for happy guests.


Product & Service Discounts. The usual perks of working at a salon, but with Aveda products and treatments: the very best in the industry.


A Life. We provide schedule flexibility, time off, personal consideration, and the type of family atmosphere that large chain or cookie-cutter salons simply can’t offer. We want our Beauty Operators to have a life — a fulfilling, happy and productive life — outside of work.


Ready to ROAR? Click here for more info on becoming a Beauty Operator.