By Jessie Ness, Owner, ROAR Beauty Parlor








ROAR refers to the Roaring Twenties, one of the most dynamic and influential eras in history: a time of freedom, progress, and of daring to be bold.


In culture, the Roaring Twenties saw women becoming liberated — voting, shortening their skirts, bobbing their hair, and enjoying nightlife in jazz clubs and speakeasies.


In style, the Roaring Twenties were glamorous and groundbreaking. The aesthetic was Art Deco, with its bold geometry and lavish ornamentation. Women shed restrictive corsets and inhibitive clothing, baring their arms and legs. They embraced luxurious fabrics and fringe, and weren’t just wearing dresses anymore, but chic sportswear and even trousers (!).


In beauty, the Roaring Twenties launched modern cosmetology. When women began getting their hair bobbed, only barbers could perform an accurate blunt cut. Hairdressers had to either step up their skills, or pack up their scissors. They responded not only by rising to the occasion, but introducing the vibrant, creative and passionate salon industry we know today.


ROAR Beauty Parlor exists because we believe some elements of the past should be restored and revered. Attention to detail is one. Uncompromising customer service is another. We live by the notion that the customer is not just “always right” — but always valued, appreciated, and given personalized attention from start to finish.


ROAR Beauty Parlor is an Aveda Concept Salon. We align with Aveda’s mission of caring for the earth and everyone on it, using products and treatments of the highest quality, crafted from the finest organic and sustainably sourced ingredients from around the world. Our guests enjoy complimentary Aveda Rituals of Relaxation with every visit, including massage, makeup touch-ups and Comforting Tea. Bringing ancient beauty customs into the modern era is Aveda’s hallmark, and it’s central to ROAR’s philosophy as well.


ROAR Beauty Parlor links the accomplishments of the past with the promise of the future. ROAR is an homage to my beloved grandmother, who called hairstylists “Beauty Operators,” and that’s why we do, too. ROAR is also a nod to my cherished daughter Rory and the incredible future that awaits her, thanks to the remarkable women in history on whose shoulders she — and all of us — now stand.